Get Fit With Nell McAndrew

NEW mum Nell McAndrew is no stranger to a tough workout regime.

The model and TV star, who has released three of her own fitness videos, makes it her priority to keep fit and look gorgeous.

Even after becoming a mum just seven months ago the 31-year-old I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! survivor is in training for her third London Marathon.

It has taken me a while to feel back to my usual self after having a baby,” says Nell.

“But now the summer is on it’s way I’m on a mission to run as often as I can.

“On a good day I try and feed Devon early, maybe around 6.30am then I can go for a run.”

And this time around, Nell has got the perfect training partner.

“I’m running the marathon with my mum, Nancy.

“I am so proud of her for taking part. It’s such a huge challenge for people of all fitness levels and everyone feels like a winner when they cross the finish line.

“But I have warned her she’ll feel like crying the whole way round because it’s all so overwhelming. I’m sure we will both be in tears at the end!”

If you’re inspired by Nell’s fitness acheivements, here’s her reasons to take up running:

  • Not only will you look great but you’ll feel more energised.
  • The endorphins you release can help to lift your mood.
  • Running promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet – as food is your fuel, you need to eat healthily.
  • If you want to lose a dress size for a special event, running is the most effective way to lose weight as it can reduce your body fat.


Start with walking and build gradually to a jog, interval training will help you build your stamina so walk for five minutes, run for five minutes.

Set yourself a goal by registering for a charity walk like Cancer Research Race for Life.

Maintain variety and alternate exercising in your training. As well as running, try:

Weights to keep toned – use lighter weights with lots of reps.
Circuit training – it’s good to alternate exercising so as not to overdo the pounding on your knees.
Swimming – is excellent to do to compliment running. It is very refreshing and relaxing.

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet that’s varied and interesting and find a sport you really enjoy. Setting yourself realistic goals is key.
  • Running to music is a great motivator and helps you keep to a steady beat. The Nike+iPod Sport
  • Kit allows you to listen to music and receive data on time, distance, calories burned and pace through your headphones. Visit for details.
  • Make sure your running kit is made of fabric which lets your skin breath and absorbs moisture.
  • Running in cotton gets too uncomfortable as the sweat stays on your skin and can cause chafing!

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