I love fruit, veg, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, etc. I really do like to eat all the foods that are said to be good for our bodies and offer us more nutrition.

Some of my favourite meals are:

Pasta either with basic tomato sauce or bolognaise.

Sunday roast, the best ever is my mum’s. You can’t beat meat, veg and potatoes for a substantial meal. Although, the Yorkshire pudding part may not be great for us, a Sunday dinner wouldn’t be the same without any puddings.

Chicken or tuna with salad. I love rocket and tomatoes.

Toasted rye bread is a great snack to have with avocado and tomato.

Any kind of natural nut! Nothing salted or roasted.



I regularly drink Actimel, the friendly bacteria.

My favourite breakfast is blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and or banana with natural yoghurt.

Or, just plain old boiled eggs, filling and full of protein.

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